to the Association of American Dancing

The Association of American Dancing was founded by a group of British and American teachers under the directions of Judy Cholerton and Fred Astaire, with contributions from other performers such as Gene Kelly, the aim being to maintain the traditions of authentic American Tap.

A syllabus was created segmenting the work into grades to ensure the requirements of each step could easily be understood and developing levels of increasing complexity to produce an accomplished, knowledgeable and polished performer. Following the success of the tap syllabus the Association, in 1936, embraced the disciplines of the ballet, modern and acrobatic forms of dance to which was later added a mime syllabus.



The Association of American Dancing has continued as an examination body concerned both with students seeking to become performers, and those intending a teaching career.

After the loss of the London headquarters in Buckingham Palace Gardens during the war the Association moved to Derbyshire where the work of widening and improving the examination and performing standards has continued.

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For further information contact the General Secretary, Aspenshaw Hall, Thornsett, High Peak, SK22 1AU, 01663 744 986.